Installation Alb Shower filter

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Do you know hard water can affect your skin and hair badly? If you are experiencing the same, it is time to change your water. Switch to healthy and pure water with ALB-INDIA.

Prevent your hair and skin from any damaged ensued from using hard water. With our ready to installation shower filter in Noida, you can approach a healthier lifestyle for your hair and skin to let their shine and flourish. Our range of shower filter is flexible to install and ideal for individual bathrooms in apartments and houses with easy to access cartridges. Get in touch with our experts to know more about it. Also check out the range of best water softener for shower in India.

Video Instructions

Practical video instructions for commissioning and maintenance of the Alb Filter element undertable variant.

1. installation

Find out how easy it is to install your Alb shower filter on the shower or bath fitting.

2. cartridge change

The shower filter cartridge should be changed approximately every 6 months and is very easy to carry out. We show you how it works!

Too little distance to wall?

It is often necessary to install a distance adapter if the distance to the wall is less than 37 mm.