Alb Shower Filter Shungit


A wonderful connection. Avoid expensive cosmetic articles and test the new Shungit shower filter cartridge. Filled with the rare and almost 600 million years old mineral shungite rock from Karelia in Russia, it can contribute to the mineralization and purification of your water.

In anti-aging research, shungite is sometimes referred to as an effective “fountain of youth”. The hollow-spherical carbon type fullerene is said to bind radicals sustainably and also influence the aging process of the skin. In addition to outstanding absorption properties, Shungit also has bactericidal properties. The microbial count of shungite-filtered water can be up to twelve times lower than that of conventionally filtered water, reducing turbidity and odors. Test the water from the primary rock shungite!

The properties of Shungit are based on the experiences of many users and do not represent a scientific statement.



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