All about ALB-INDIA filters

Here is the ALB-INDIA water filter guide to keep you updated about water and water filtration. You can get to know all about ingredients, filtration, special features, and regional information.

General questions & answers

Frequently asked questions and answers.

Water in general

Our tap water

German drinking water falls under the best quality water as it undergoes best-possible filtration process. You can find out more here.

Ingredients Water

Water contains innumerable substances, find more about it here.

Collection of ingredients

Why do we need to filter water?

What makes water filtration an important aspect of drinking or using water? Do you know only a few pollutants are removed from the water which is supplied to general public?

Filter media

What are the different types of filter media? Comparing Activated carbon and ultra-filtration.

Filtration Technologies

Information about different filtration techniques including Activated carbon-based filter and membrane filtration.

Filter method

Water filtration methods: Purely mechanical, catalytic, adsorbent, and difference between these processes.

Types of water filter

What are the different types of filters you may need? Are they available in the market and where to use? We have Filters for the house entrance, endpoint filter, and outdoor filter.

Advantages of water filters

Why should I purchase water filter, is there any advantage of personalized water filters?

How to determine water quality?

Do TDS / PPM / EC conductivity meters make any difference to water quality? Know what these measuring instruments really reveal to us about water.

Environment & Health


What are Bioplastics and why do we need it?

New bioplastics include thermoplastic starch (TPS), cellulose acetate, and polylactides (PLA), while processes for the production of bio-based polyethylene (Bio-PE), polypropylene (Bio-PP) and other plastics are being developed and established.

How much water should I drink?

Know about human body water demand, what if we drink too low or too much water in a day? Factors that affect water need in the human body. Advantages of using water filters and reason for using specific filter.

Filter chlorine

How to remove traces of chlorine from potable water? Filtering water improved the taste and smell of the water to make filtration an important part.

Why Filter Water

Why Filter Water