ALB-INDIA Questions & Answers

Technical questions

The temperature varies as per the use of cartridges. However, the operating temperature should range between:
Filter cartridge Operating temperature
Active S (drinking water) 5 – 45 °C
Active (drinking water) 5 – 45 °C
Active Plus 5 – 45 °C
Active S (drinking water) 5 – 45 °C
nano 5 – 65 °C
Balance (shower filter) 5 – 50 °C
shungite 5 – 50 °C

Irrespective of its type, each filter cartridge and its filter media affect the water pressure or the flow rate drastically. Generally, shower filters are capable of purifying 10+ liters of water per minute or more.

Alb Filter Active Plus+ is known to reduce the flow rate radically, which makes it fit for drinking water filters, for ex., it is around 1.2 l/min at a water pressure of 4.5 bar. It is manufactured in collaboration with a renowned filter manufacturer to ensure quality results. Active Plus+ is designed to remove all from microplastics to a large number of bacteria and germs from the water as it consists of sintered activated carbon block, which offers the highest security.

 Unlike activated carbon granules in which used to flow around a granulate, the Activated carbon block filters pass through a solid filter element under high pressure. The composition of the block filter is given with myriad channels and pores to improve the quality of cleaning by removing free chlorine and other organic compounds. The fineness of pores ensures next-level cleaning, also, this makes the process time taking due to relatively low flow. However, to counter this, one can simply substitute between (fast-flowing) unfiltered water from(slow flowing) filtered water when using Alb Filter Duo housing.

Alb Filter Active Alb Filter Active Plus+
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Alb Filter Active S Alb Filter Nano
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Alb Filter Balance Alb Filter Shungit

The cleaning capacity of ALB-INDIA may vary as per the source water and cartridge used. These cartridges are meant for households having 3-4 members and can work efficiently or a period of 5-6 months (depending upon the quality of water it exudes). As per the drinking water DIN 1988, Part VIII, these cartridges should be replaced after a period of 6 months, keeping hygienic reasons in mind.

These filters, if remained unchanged for long, would become a breeding ground for microorganisms lurking behind the filters to contaminate the water flowing through it to make it unsuitable for use.

In case of using unpressurized boilers with Alb Filters Duo for taps, it should be noticed that fine pores of cartridge contribute to pressure build-up in front of the cartridge at the level of mains pressure to reduce gradually. In certain conditions, it may damage the non-pressure-resistant boiler; however, pressure-resistant boilers are also available to which such restrictions are not applicable. Check the nameplate for details on the maximum limit of operating pressure; it must be around 4 bars. Besides, these pressured boilers are priced higher than the unpressurized ones, and hence Alb Undersink variants are a better alternative to it.

The dimensions of Alb-India filter housing are similar to be that of beverage can, hight-120 mm, and diameter- 69 mm and is made up of anodized and food-grade alloy. It is connected with a ½ inch internal and external thread and weighs 500g when empty.

Our range of non-electric water filter in India are quality checked and certified to restrain contamination from flowing in tap water. To know about the specific component of the filter cartridge, fill our contact form.

General Questions

Minerals like magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate contributes to the formation of lime content. Alb-India filters have the capacity to remove lime particles to a size of…

It would hardly make any difference in its effectiveness. However, to ensure its longer life, in case it remained unused for long, we would suggest you to remove the filters and store them in a cool and dry place.

Yes, you can get the variants of Alb-India water filter cartridges from Amazon or simply from our online shop at a fair replacement price.

With Alb-India water filters, changing a cartridge is an easy job and can be done in a spur of the moment. Follow these cartridges changing instructions to do it rightfully:

You can use any of ALB-INDIA drinking water filter or shower filter cartridges, both are compatible. A shower filter can be used in place of drinking water filter and vice versa.

Yes, while touring outside we are at a great risk of consuming or using contaminated water. In this case, ALB-INDIA filters can be used to provide safety when traveling by motorboat, sailboat, motorhome or caravan. It fulfills the need for fresh water supply even outside our home on campsites or harbors where refueling water can be riskier. Using showers in hotels is even riskier as rare and irregular use leads to Legionella Infestation; these filters can be used in holiday homes and hotels to eliminate all such risks. This makes Alb Filter a perfect fit; it comes in two different variants for mobile use, click to know about it. With all its innovation, Alb Filter NANO brings you close to safety.

You can simply dispose of the used cartridges with household waste. Bio-plastic cartridge and its components decay, and Alb-India Eco filters turn into compost to keep it Eco-friendly.

In this case, you can simply write to us your problem at Perhaps we can solve it by using the right adapter, if in case it doesn’t turn out, you can return your order hassle-free and can get a refund.

You can leave the cartridge in water for one or two weeks, however, if left for long it would bring in the chance of progressive contamination. In case you are traveling out for more than two weeks, we would suggest you to remove the filter cartridge. How to do: For this, you need to remove the cartridge and dry it at room temperature. Also, you need to store it in a dry and cool environment with temperature ranging below 7° C as below this temperature production of bacteria cuts down drastically. Avoid freezing, as water in the pores could burst it and damage it. Note: – Install and remove the cartridge slowly and carefully while giving it slight turning movements. Any kind of jerk or pull would result in rearing off the sensitive activated carbon. – Also, if water left stagnant or unused for long, rinse the end pipe with water well before using it.

Questions about our tap water

It is believed that drinking water is cleaned under stringent circumstances in Germany, what is the need of filtration? Certain pollutants are mentioned in Drinking Water Ordinance and only these 50 pollutants are removed. However, there are various other pollutants with high risk which don’t fall under this category, thus no action. It may include pesticides, drug residue, and even microplastics. Also, its effect on humans is not mentioned anywhere thus increasing the risk.
This varies as per your usage and the quality of water in your region. Generally, old buildings are equipped with old pipes which are at risk of corrosion and chemical production; you may find the traces of metals in water, in case you use copper or lead pipes. It may cause side effects like Legionella infestation. A quality filter builds a barrier to prevent the access of harmful particles. Also, using a filter for shower or bath is important from a wellness perspective as quality water can affect the skin and hair in a nourishing way. These Alb filters are easy to install and produce instant results.

customer service

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