ALB-INDIA is a renowned water purifier company with certification in India. We are committed to delivering high-quality non-electric water filter in India, pure water to not to let your compromise with health. As a result of dedicated and tireless efforts of ALB India team, we successfully fill the gap of reach to pure and potable water. Our range of water filters is designed by industry experts and is lab tested; it went through a lot of intensive research to ensure up to the mark quality. We adhere to cutting-edge technology for quality production, which helped us establish ourselves as the best and reliable water Purifier Company with certification in India.

ALB-INDIA is a part of the Effibar Group. The company’s Indian Headquarters are in New Delhi and manufacturing facility in Noida, U.P, India. The Company has Joint ventures with a leading name in Railways Electrical Product Segments such as Oh-Sung, Korea and Leading Seats, Grab Poles manufacturer for Metro, and Indian Railways Business M/s. KBI, Korea.

JHBB in India is engaged in Designing and manufacturing of Mechanical and Electrical Products with a key specialty in manufacturing of Power Distribution Products such as Electrical Panels for Power and Energy Sector in India. The company has total in-house capabilities in designing, fabricating, painting, assembly, and commissioning of the latest electrical Products and switchgear for a variety of end-users and applications. The manufacturing is carried out in a modern more than 15,000 sq. ft. facilities in Noida near New Delhi equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and instruments.

Through our efforts in achieving control panels engineering excellence, we have established a well-equipped panels manufacturing Unit, Powder Coating Plant along with proper power control panels testing setup. We have been of help to our customers, in designing power distribution control panels for their industrial electricity load requirements.

We are well equipped with high-tech machinery, qualified personnel having expertise in control panel design, panels manufacturing and development, project planning, testing & commissioning of all types of electrical panels.

The company’s core management team is always accessible to understand customer’s specific requirements, getting them implemented and assuring timely delivery. All this is backed by 24 x 7 customer support service.