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Water filters for your bathroom.
Body care starts with water.

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Why We Need Water?


There are many reasons to best water purifier without electricity in India. On the one hand, it can contain ingredients that lead to clouding or contamination, impair the taste / smell and generally the enjoyment. It could also contain harmful substances or pathogens. The word “again” in brackets refers to the fact that most consumers obtain their tap water from a drinking water supplier, where it has already been cleaned and treated in the waterworks. However, firstly, the drinking water supplier only takes into account the approximately 50 most important ingredients in water treatment, which are explicitly named in the German Drinking Water Ordinance and set for the limit values. Secondly, the drinking water then travels a distance of mostly several kilometers in the public network and then in the network of your own home before it is consumed. New impurities can be added along this long path. But there are also consumers who source their drinking water decentrally from their own wells. The current ingredients are mostly completely unknown or are rarely monitored. In order to be able to ensure an optimal drinking water quality, filtering before consumption is therefore obvious.

ALB Water Filter

Safe drinking water from the tap

ALB Shower Filter

Wellness for skin and hair


Germany is the home of our Alb water filter

The precision of the ALB-INDIA housing
The compact and elegant Alb shower filter is the ideal filter for anyone who wants to continue using their existing shower head, but who wants to enjoy the benefits of a clean and pollutant-free shower with soft water.
Alb is proud of their highly stable and durable metal housing. The smooth and simple design show the precision that was used to produce the food grade aluminum CNC housing. Each Alb housing is anodized and laser engraved with an individual serial number and produced from beginning to end in Germany.

The Alb gives every bathroom a noble impression. A piece of Germany in your bathroom.


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